Donations & Contribution


To secure the Masonic legacy of giving for generations to come.


To make good men better in harmony with God and in service to the community.
To support the following programs:
Calamity Funds
Funeral Funds
Lodge Restoration
Scholarship Grant
Widows and Orphans


We believe that every Mason can make a difference.
We believe in supporting philanthropic work that will
effect positive change in the lives of Masons,
their families, and their communities.
We believe that when a man supremely gives, he supremely finds.

Scholarship Grant

The Masons of California have supported public education since 1850. Scholarships awarded annually by the California Masonic Foundation have enabled thousands of students to attend college.

Lodge Restoration

Restoration and further improvement of lodge maintenance and structural infrastructure. Helping restore and maintain the lodge which has been pass through the hands of brothers on to new generations for ever to keep and maintain the rich traditions and growth of our lodge.

Funeral Fund

Established in 1925, and is intended to provide a fund to defray funeral expenses and give widows and orphans immediate needed monetary relief. It is comparable to a "sunshine" or "goodwill" fund.

Calamity Relief

To relieve the distressed is a duty taught the Freemason as one of the first lessons of the Ancient Craft. Nothing in Freemasonry is more touching, more solemn or more beautiful than the Rite of Destitution; just how closely it nestles in the hearts of all who experience it, is demonstrated by the reputation which the Masonic Fraternity has for assisting the needy and being charitable toward all mankind.

Widows and Orphans

To HELP, AID and ASSIST within the length of our cable tow, provide for the necessities of worthy Master Masons, their wives, widows, and orphans is one of the most sacred obligations resting on every Lodge and upon every Master Mason worthy of the title which has been conferred upon him.

General Donation

Your donations to Gardena Moneta of cash, credit card charges, matching gifts, personal property, real estate and in-kind donations allow us to put your contribution to work in the areas that need it most.

Annual Dues

We are proud to introduce our new form of dues payment, it is secured through paypal and directly paid to the lodge secretary.
We value each and every one of our members and we appreciate you taking the time to bring dues current.
You will get your dues card in the mail, or you can pick it up at any Stated Meeting.
*All fees have additional cost to account for transaction fees.
(please note that the merchant will show "Free & Accepted Masons of Calif. 372 Gardena Monet")


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